Powerful cannabis and florida medical card online has always been a big hit with growers. Not only do they appeal to THC-tolerant growers and thrill seekers but they also appeal to the average garden lover. The potency of these grows allows them to use the final product in a more economical way so that the harvest lasts for a longer period of time. In addition, who will refuse a fascinating trip?

We have decided to dedicate this selection to sativas. Meet the most powerful representatives of this type of cannabis.

Diesel Beauty.
The first thing that catches your eye when you see Amherst Sour Diesel fem by Humboldt Seeds is the emerald and purple coloring. It’s just impossible to take your eyes off such a beauty. Any grower will love it even more when they find out that its THC level is up to 27.1%. With yields of 2-3 kilograms of finished product per bush, this is simply unbelievable. Such a supply should definitely last for a long time. The only disappointing thing is that the growth of 2-3 meters does not allow you to grow this marijuana in indoors. Although with a flowering period of 65-70 days you can easily do it in an outdoors.

Forget it all.
The cannabis variety Amnesia Haze fem from Victory Seeds will help any grower to forget about pressing problems and worries, sending him into a world of harmony and happiness for a long time. The effect will be explosive. It will completely take over both body and mind. It will bring vivacity and remove fatigue. Creativity and communication skills will awaken. This marijuana has been created with genetics from Southeast Asia, Jamaica, Afghanistan and Hawaii. It has a flowering time of 10-13 weeks and a yield of 1-1.5kg of buds per bush, with a THC value of 25%.

The Fast Girl
AK-77V fem is one of the fastest Sativas on the market. She has a flowering time of just 8 to 9 weeks. She can grow 70-180 cm tall and is best suited for indoor and outdoor use. Its buds have a THC content of 25% which gives her a strong cerebral impact. It brings a bright, unbridled euphoria that inspires the grower in the first seconds. He begins to be overwhelmed by bright, rosy feelings. A creative disposition awakens. A desire to talk arises. This girl will help everyone to go beyond the ordinary.

Fruity enthusiasm.
Would you like to know what happens when you cross Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights marijuana? The result is the Fruit Punch fem cannabis variety from Heavyweight Seeds. The grower will be pleased with a 25% THC, a yield of 1kg of buds per plant, a flowering time of 8 weeks and a height of 100-160cm. It is an ideal plant for all cultivation conditions. It is great indoors and outdoors. The finished product brings a bright high-impact that disposes to creativity and social activity. It also easily relieves fatigue, stress, pain and nausea.

The magic of citrus
A magic crop with a strong immune system and the full flavor of tangerine is FastBuds’ Tangie’matic auto fem. It features a THC level of 23%, a fast life cycle of 9 weeks, a height of 80-130 cm and a yield of 50-350 per bush. After tasting it, the grower gets a bright uplifting high that can turn his mind upside down. The effect has a positive effect on brain activity, as well as brings cheerfulness and improves mood. It is completed by a soft relaxing stoner, which wraps you in a fluffy blanket of tenderness and brings complete tranquility.