Medical Seeds was founded in Barcelona in 2004. In spite of its short existence, it has already become one of the most respected and globally renowned producers of cannabis seeds. The main goal of the company is to create medical variations of legendary and classic varieties of cannabis. That’s why all the plants in its collection have high levels of CBD and THC and can be used for therapeutic purposes.

The finished product derived from Medical Seeds cannabis seeds has strong healing properties which are widely used for medical purposes to treat physical and emotional ailments such as: glaucoma, arthritis, anorexia, multiple sclerosis, insomnia and depression. It effectively relieves pain and muscle cramps, relieves stress and awakens appetite, and helps patients recover from radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Sidbank’s work on new varieties of cannabis never stops. Every day the company’s workers are searching for a new and unique genetic material. Breeders are constantly trying to improve the properties of existing varieties and creating new ones. Updating the collection takes place regularly.

A collection of cannabis varieties from Medical Seeds
Medical Seeds’ assortment consists of 15 varieties, which have no analogues with respect to their medicinal properties and characteristics. Most of them are feminized varieties and the rest are regular varieties. All plants grown from the company’s seeds are distinguished by a high level of stability and sustainability. This is achieved by thorough quality control and testing at each stage of production. The world’s best genetic material, sourced from all over the world, also plays an important role.

Painstaking work of our breeders ensures 100% germination of seeds. Their delivery to stores is carried out in a quality branded package, which guarantees the safety of seeds during transport and storage.

The best varieties of marijuana from Medical Seeds
All Medical Seeds cannabis herbs have a variety of aromas and flavors from which every grower can find his or her own favorite. But as always, there are favorites. They are the best to start your acquaintance with the company’s collection.

1024 is the first hybrid from Medical Seeds that made it big. This sativa-dominant strain will make its owner very happy with 1kg of buds per plant and a mild euphoric effect;
Y Griega has the highest THC content of any cannabis plant in the world, with a high THC content of 27.12%. It forms very dense and resinous inflorescences. Endowed with a classic hayseed flavor. Its effects instantly relieve pain and depression, elevating your mood and brightening your thoughts;
Marijuana variety 2046 is a powerful sativa used to treat glaucoma, asthma, long term depression. Sends the taster on an extended psychedelic journey. The flowering period lasts 13-15 weeks. The taste of the finished product has notes of herbs, spices, cinnamon, pepper and cloves;
The indica-dominant Prozack is an ideal anti-depressant. Characterized by high CBD and THC levels, an abundant yield, and a flowering period of 8-9 weeks. It grows up to 150-200 cm outdoors.