When talking about cannabis and medical marijuana card online, you can often hear such a name as marijuana. Usually, this word is used when talking about psychoactive derivatives obtained from cannabis.

Versions of the origin of “marijuana”:

From the Portuguese “mariguango”, which translates to “heady”.
From the Spanish names Maria and Juan. There is a beautiful legend about the cigarettes loved by the Mexicans under the beautiful name “Marie and Juan”. It was in these cigarettes that they began to put dried hemp instead of tobacco.
Known for male and female marijuana. The female is stronger, hence the name – from the two female names Maria and Juana.
Perhaps the word “marijuana” came to us from China. According to one version, it has one root with the word “marjoram”.
Officially, marijuana is called cannabis, and its main substances are called cannabinoids. The strongest of these is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

What else is marijuana called:

Anasha – this slang word became popular after the publication of the novel “Plakha” by Ch. Aitmatov.
Ganja (or ganja) is the name given to resinous cannabis and “sausages” made from its flowers, dried in the sun.
Hashish (translated from Persian as “dry herb”) is referred to as a compressed powder made from dried leaves and flowers.
Cultivating marijuana at home is illegal in almost all countries, and so is its use.

This is how things stand with this plant in different countries:

The tradition of drinking tea with hashish is still popular in Azerbaijan.
The first country in the world where marijuana is legal is Uruguay.
In Armenia, according to custom, they prepare meat “dolma” with leaves and flowers.
In the United States, about 20 states have legalized cannabis, although it is banned under federal law.
In Brazil, the authorities turned a blind eye to the hemp fields. An export variety of black hemp is also cultivated here.
In Algeria, the cultivation of ganja can be executed.
Marijuana is legal in the Netherlands.
Greece is one of the harshest European countries – there are up to 20 years in prison for growing these amazing plants.