Mandala Seeds is a Spanish cannabis seed company founded in 2004 by two friends, Mike and Jasmine. They developed and implemented several proprietary marijuana breeding methods into the production process, which were warmly embraced by the grower community. As a result, they have been widely distributed all over the world. The company’s chief breeder is Jasmine. She is a biologist by training and also a great specialist in the basics of crop cultivation.

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All seeds offered by Sidbank have an optimal combination of price and quality, which allows anyone to buy them, regardless of the level of income. It is this market policy of the company, according to Mike and Jasmine, that allows the grower to greatly expand the possibilities of cultivation and to preserve the unique genetic material.

The concept and philosophy of Mandala Seeds Cidbank
Share and Care is the guiding principle behind Mandala Seeds. Mike and Jasmine are committed to preserving as many unique genetics as possible, the search for which never stops. They are trying to bring a piece of wisdom and a universal desire for mutual help to the world so that medicinal marijuana can be legally grown all over the planet.

Friends are constantly sharing with the Grover community the insights and results of their work. The official website of the company regularly publishes news articles related to cannabis cultivation, breeding works and peculiarities of growing certain varieties.

Cannabis varieties by Mandala Seeds
The collection of Mandala Seeds’ cidbank contains only feminized and regular seeds. No autoflowering. Among the whole assortment there are some absolutely unique plants the analogues of which are impossible to find. They were bred from Jasmine’s own genetic stock, collected by her during her travels. All Sidbanks varieties have a powerful effect, high stability and unpretentiousness. They are great for all levels of growers.

The most notable marijuana varieties from Mandala Seeds:
The Satori cannabis variety is a real find for THC-tolerant growers. The 28% level is no joke. The buds give a long lasting cerebral high accompanied by a euphoric and creative high. The flowering period lasts 65-70 days;
Chill OM cannabis is an unpretentious regular hybrid with a unique effect. It represents a perfect combination of sativa high and indica stone. Ganesh is able to please the host with 1 kg of buds from one plant in the open ground;
Ganesh is a marijuana plant with a short stature and a dense structure, especially created for indica cultivation. It is easy to grow and therefore suitable for beginners. The finished product brings a vivid sativa effect that activates social skills.