KFC Seeds is a very special line of cannabis seeds created for true lovers of this miracle plant. They are reliable, stable and uniform. Their unique organoleptic qualities will surprise even the most serious growers.

Hemp Seeds from KFC Seeds
KFC Seeds is a subsidiary of British seed bank Dr. Krippling. It specializes in creating marijuana varieties based on Kali Mist genetics. Her collection includes only eight feminized plants. They are all premium plants, united by multiple positive qualities. Only organic cultivation methods are used in their creation, as well as hand-checking for consistency. All seeds are placed in special packaging capable of greatly increasing their shelf life.

Creation of the KFC Seeds Seedbank
KFC Seeds Seedbank was founded by J Krippling, co-owner of the parent company. The idea for the creation came in 1999 at one of the international hemp festivals he attended with his uncle, the founder of the Dr. Krippling Cidbank. His nephew’s attention was caught by the stunning blossoms of the Kali Mist plant, which reeked of mystical power. At that moment, the owner of the plant came up to him and offered him the seeds. They were the starting point for J. Krippling to create the company. He spent years working on the genetics of each plant until he was able to produce premium grade cannabis.

The company’s specialty
All of KFCSeeds’ cannabis varieties were created exclusively to help people who suffer from regular pain, migraines, depression, nausea and insomnia.

They are widely used therapeutically for:

Relieving severe back pain;
To eliminate addiction to hard drugs;
To eliminate the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism;
Disorders of the digestive tract.
When used recreationally, the girls boast killer long-lasting effects. Each one has its own unique trip that every cannabis lover should definitely try.

The top three cannabis varieties from KFC Seeds
Energy of Nature
The Jack Mist Tree variety of cannabis is probably the most famous herb of the English sydbanks. It produces voluminous snow-white inflorescences that bring pure sativa hai. The maximum height of the bushes reaches the 2.5 m mark.

Legendary genetics.
In crossing legendary Kali Mist and White Widow, the breeders at Sidbank have achieved amazing results. The Kalis White Shadow has been a big seller since the first month of production. She is the epitome of quality and reliability. Its incredibly bright, psychedelic effect will strike a chord with every grower.

So be careful.
You want to be extra careful with Mango Mist Shake. Its sweet, fruity taste with mango notes is misleading, carefully concealing the killer effect that can send one into a dream world. If you need to dream, you should turn to this girl for help without fail.