Kannabia Seeds is one of Spain’s most important and world-class seed breeding companies, dedicated to the sale of the highest quality cannabis seeds. The main objective of Kannabia Seeds is to develop new cannabis strains with high THC levels, large yields and a short life-span. At the moment the company’s variety collection consists of 36 plants, 12 of which are autoflowering. Kannabia tries to constantly support and help growers to ach

ieve the best results.

On the official site of the cidbank there is detailed information about the main characteristics of each variety, as well as instructions and advice on how to grow it. It is also possible to ask the breeders direct questions about the plant of interest using the feedback form.

The world is changing and Kannabia seeds are changing with it
Kannabia Seeds was originally only producing regular cannabis seeds, but since 2002 the company’s policy has been changing. All efforts of the breeders are redirected to the development of highly productive feminized seeds, the most popular of which have become:

The Original Berry cannabis variety is one of the highest yielding Kannabia sydbank hybrids, with a flowering period of 65 days. Produces up to 600g of buds per bush. Its effects are relaxing and soothing, helping you sleep. It is actively used in medicine;
Cannabis variety B. Lee Auto is a fast-growing plant with a vivid killing effect. The balanced effect comes on sharply and deafeningly, knocking the taster off his feet. The buds have a sweet citrus flavor;


Karamelo is a fast flowering feminized hybrid with a strong and intense caramel flavor. It brings a powerful relaxing effect, capable of relieving the most lingering depression in an instant.
In 2010 a whole new line of Kannabia Seeds cannabis strains was announced under the name of Max Auto. Whereas previously the plants were mostly indica-dominant and small in stature, now the focus of the breeders has shifted to sativa. With it they wanted to create unique flavor characteristics that would take the company to a new level. They succeeded. All Kannabia seeds from the new collection were appreciated by gourmet growers from all over the world. In addition, the plants of the new line were characterized by abundant productivity, unpretentious care and killer effect. The most popular of these were:

The Big Band Max variety of cannabis is a resinous autoflower with a fruity bubblegum flavor. It has a pleasant, gentle effect that completely relaxes the body and frees the mind from its mortal shackles. Suitable for deep meditation;
Smile Max is a beautiful autoflowering hybrid which can grow to within 100cm. In 65-70 days this plant will yield a grower 55-65 grams of buds per bush, which will delight the grower with a bright, cerebral effect. Ideal for stealth boxes.